The Party Dipper 
​My Story

Gregory C, Manos
President and CEO


I grew up in a family with (10) siblings. Money was always an issue because we had very little.

At the age of 12 years old and at the request of my father, I started working in a Grocery Store, 30 hours per week, at the time minimum wage in California was $1.15. Doing this as a favor to my father provided additional income to my family for living expenses. In those day’s family was a priority and anything the family needed was not questioned.

As I got older, I continued my career in the grocery industry and moved on to a much larger retailer, Ralph’s Grocery Company where I was promoted up through the ranks with a much higher salary. Still helping my family I was able to carve out some of my income to finally buy my first car and I had money to do the things I enjoyed.

At the age of 22, I got married, bought my first house, and I had my first child. A year later I had my second child, 6 years later and after 8 years my marriage I divorced and left the Grocery business. Now 32 years later I own my own business and I still help support my parents!


My career was always a top priority, I applied for and got a very high paying, high powered job as the Vice President and the Head of Product Development for a San Francisco based Company.

Our focus was on Soft Drink Beverages and my job was to work with other companies to help them bring to life their ideas that made sense and our fee was to share in their financial profits. In (10) years with the company, we partnered with (3) companies that with our help and guidance had products that enjoyed great success and brought huge profits to our company and it was time for me to move on and market ideas of my own.
Healthy became my passion as did create healthy products to the offer consumers. After seeing Diabetes and Obesity in America skyrocketing out of control, my mind raced with a flurry of ideas, “GOOD FOR YOU”, BETTER FOR YOU” came to mind as a way of life consumers needed to be introduced to. I knew I couldn't change the world but my New Product Ideas were an opportunity to offer consumers ALTERNATIVES targeting the VERY UNHEALTHY lifestyle so many are used to. I created and introduced to the market the ONLY 100% ORGANIC SPARKLING FLAVORED SOFT DRINK and the very first and ONLY LINE OF 100% ORGANIC ENERGY BARS and after years of great success, I sold the company.


A revolutionary NEW IDEA, a one of a kind very unique Dishwasher Safe, Microwave Safe, Reusable, and Recyclable Plate with (3) compartments to separate your foods and snacks and (2) cups made part of the plate to hold dips and sauces or your Favorite Soft Drink, Bottled Water, or Cocktail.

Finally, the time has come and "THE PARTY DIPPER" is now available to do away with traditional flimsy paper or plastic plates with:
No more dip running all over everything on your plate;
No more spilled plates;
No more messy fingers or clothes and
No more scraping or smearing your dip onto your food.

"THE PARTY DIPPER" has many uses. More notable is the fact that:
According to Government Census in July of 2019, the population of the United States was 354,000,000 people and its reported that 291,000,000 people or 82% of the entire U.S. population purchased either paper or plastic plates to keep as a staple in their homes. More surprising is the fact that out of those 291,000,000 people 226,000,000 eat dinner on paper or plastic plates every night, nearly 78% of the U.S. population.

Other more popular uses are School Lunches, Patient Meals in hospitals, Sporting Events and Venues, Hors d’oeuvre tables at Family Gatherings, Birthday Parties, Holiday Celebrations, Pool Parties, Bar-B-Q’s, Picnics, and a whole list of others.

Sturdy and convenient “THE PARTY DIPPER" makes it easy to move around your party or social gathering with Ease and Confidence knowing you can enjoy your Food, Snacks, and Beverages without the mess.

Paper and Plastic Plates is a Multi-Billion Dollar business and it is expected that "THE PARTY DIPPER" will be a fierce competitor able to carve out a very significant notable share.

On any retail shelf placed next to  Paper or Plastic Plates "THE PARTY DIPPER" is sure to be the consumer's 

Gregory C. Manos
President & CEO

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